Select Page It was a typical fun day today. We were out with the goats for along time of course I had my camera. This is Kyra with Misty. Misty is the most friendly of our goats. She is sort of intrigued with Kyra. Charcole is my favorite of our goats, she is old though and sort of pushes Kyra around, so I keep a close eye on her while we are out there. Misty though is great. is Kyra by the tree in the pasture. I really like this picture. It sort of shows how big see is and the background looks pretty nice. last picture is her face. She is staring at the dogs that are at the end of our pasture, so that is why such a harsh glare and wide mouth. They were barking at us.

Well, I only have one more day with my kindergarten route. This week has gone so quickly. The kids were fighting on my bus today on that route. I touched a kid which is something I don’t make a habit of. I took a boys arm and moved him to a new seat, no big force or anything, just the point is you can’t be fighting on the bus or anywhere really. I guess they are only 5 years old though and fighting is the easiest way to let someone know they are wrong. It isn’t like they have huge debates on stuff like we adults do.

My afternoon route I got the pleasure of being called a “stupid *itch” by one of my elementary students. I have no problem reporting that student to the school tomorrow. It made it a bit of an interesting afternoon though. I have no idea really what I did to deserve that one…I guess the student had a bad day.

If you get past that…today was a great day. I got about 6 different Christmas gifts from students, but I suspect I will get more tomorrow than today. Aren’t the holiday’s grand?? I will take a picture of the gifts on Saturday probably. I don’t feel like it now and Adam has tomorrow booked full of activity, so Saturday will probably be the day. I got some nice things though, a few lotions and stuff that smell so great. Oh, and candy…lots of candy. There are some cookies in one package. Maybe that is why I am holding off…the last thing I need is to eat some cookies. I know they will taste great though. Some of the bags I haven’t even opened yet…I am holding off until the picture day. LOL…. The one student Haley…her and her mom make the best baked goods I have ever ate in my entire life. The brownie she brought me a couple months ago. I will always for the rest of my life remember the flavor in that thing. I have no idea how they did it. Eeeemmm.

Well, I going to bed. Night…tomorrow will be a busy day. It is 1/2 day of school which crams all my driving into less time. Then we are going shopping…who knows where. Adam has the plans. Night.