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Ok, so if you read this mornings post you will learn that I estimated the doctor in the ultrasound clinics value at $11.84 per ultrasound. Ha ha huh??

I got the bill a bill in addition to the first bill of $841. This bill just simply goes to the doctor that never even looked in my eyes….only unmentionable places with a sound stick. He totally sucks.

Ok…well. This bill is $218. Yes, throwing my ultrasound a procedure that took less than an hour to over a grand in scale.

However, $218 an ultrasound. That room does 2112 per month, thus making the doctors fee $460,416 per month just for that one ultrasound room.

I guess I hope he makes more than $200,000 per year like in my scenario because if he doesn’t that is him giving the hospital another $3,483,328 per month for the 8 ultrasound rooms he commands.

Okay, so I don’t know why the American Health System is claiming to be broke. It isn’t broke. It just needs it’s priorities set straight. It should not be allowed such profit margins at all. It is criminal. I am all for doctors having higher wages and nurses etc etc, but it is simply the markup on there work that is crazy. No regular working person or sales company could do this, they would never sell there product.

You may say “How much is my health worth”? Well, there was nothing found in this test of the blood work, so who knows. I still have pain in my lower stomach area almost constantly, should I go get more tests? I almost would rather just be sick than be put through this crazy system. The ultrasound was brutal. I hate blood work.

I have a high deductible insurance, so if I get many more tests I will hit the co pay requirement. Who knows…