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I don’t say that drivers are unappreciated or under appreciated really, we are appreciated well enough.  That is until it is your child that misbehaves on the bus at that point we become no good at all.  I have come to understand this though and actually appreciate it somewhat.

I think bus drivers are appreciated about 100 times more than truck drivers though, I tell someone I am a bus driver and they usually go “Oh my, how do you do it?” or something of the like.  I tell someone I am a truck driver and I sort of get the same because I am a female though, not because they really wonder.  People are basically rude to truck driver’s way more than they are school bus drivers.  Anyways…back to my original reason for this post.

The story of the Mesa driver that took the kids hostage really got someone’s attention though because today, bus drivers and the lack of appreciation for bus drivers made the editorial section.  Here, check it out.

Here is the PDF.