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Today was a great day, but unexplainably busy.  We started the day by going to breakfast with Stephen and his parents which was pretty cool.  It has to be strange for a parent to see their kids dating and such… they have a whole lot going on right now relationship wise between both their kids and it probably is mind boggling.  I like them though, I think they are super nice.  They are totally respectful to Stephen, which is so cool. Stephen doesn’t know how cool though.

20071104_00203pI worked a lot today.  I am not really sure of what all I got done though, does that even make sense??  I did little things like balance my checkbook, some paperwork for this and that.  I did some paperwork for some old projects I had been working on.  I did the write up for this piece of nickel ore that I said I would.  This piece is very ugly isn’t it.  This is ore from the Nickel Mines in PA.  There were some database errors in one of my lists that I run and so I spent quite awhile figuring that out. I did a lot, but nothing major and it seems like almost nothing is finished yet.

Lyn came over for a little today, her husband was working…I think she was bored.  It was cool with me though.  She is really becoming a good friend, which is really cool seeing how I usually don’t make women friends, it is welcome.  I now won’t look like the wacko going out with me and 10 guys.  LOL…  Yeah, I will still go out with the guys though, that is pretty fun.  I just won’t have to all the time. 

20071117_06501pMy neighbors tree was in perfect color.  The yellows have been so pretty this last week.  It is sort of sad though because the reds are past the prime and the yellows just hit.  There isn’t going to be that super super pretty orange shades this year.  It is sort of dull.

20071117_06701p Anyways, Lyn had her daughter with today, so we was taking photos of her.  My favorite photos turned out to be ones with Kyra in them though, is that unusual for a mom???

20071117_09502p Kyra was mimicking her, which was adorable.  They were both hitting the same poses, I have a whole series like this.

20071117_08802p There was than this photo with the 3 kids. Kyra was in her glory with all this going on, she likes being a model usually, but she also like running away from mom and knows the exact second to turn her head to miss the shot.  She didn’t even notice how cold it was and had taken her coat off by the time they were leaving. 

This evening I had another little shop job to do, so we went off to that.  It was quick.

We came back and Kyra was out asleep.  I watched a couple CSI shows with Stan and he went to bed.  That left me here, but instead of just working online tonight.  I went and got a shower…yeah.  It is really strange that I hadn’t fit that in earlier.  I hate going to bed with a wet head, but tonight.  I will be doing just that.  I don’t have too much more though to work on and will probably watch a movie before I ultimately get to sleep.  Have a great night…

Oh yeah, the lady that was maybe going to rent the room, postponed.  I guess she was robbed her credit cards stolen and she didn’t have money to buy gas to get here… is this a tale or what.  Anyways, she is postponed to Monday, which now that I think about it.  I won’t be here.  goodness…

Good Night…