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Wow. I found this site on payperpost looking through opportunities like I do sometimes, but I have been listening now for about an hour. This is a great site it features some great unsigned New-Wave Bands.

The best I have found is this guy I am listening too now. He is a Christian rap artist named A.T.A.M. which is really sort of strange to me, since I am not really religious and I don’t mind cursing in music. This guy has a really cool voice though and I like his style. He sounds smoothe. I hope he makes it…

There are bands from all over the world featured here. It is really amazing to listen to that British accent from a singer or authentic African drums by a local hometown Ghana band. It is amazing.

This site has a beautiful layout though and is really easy to navigate around. There is a section for artists and one for listeners. I don’t really know what the benefits of signing in with an account are though. You can listen to all the music without an account. The next section browse artists is where I got stuck and am not yet out of though.

I wish they had a section about the bands that made it off this page and got signed. That would be a good read for me at least. I love reading positive things and there isn’t anything more positive than a record company saying you are good enough for to support your music, so maybe that will be in the works.

Well, thanks for letting me do this sponsored post about such a great site. Wonderful, keep up the good work. I will visit randomly and have it bookmarked.

This is a sponsored post.