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Okay, so I figured I should put a total Kyra update here.

She has now mastered sitting. She can sit from almost any position and can hold herself at a sit without falling over basically ever.

She almost has mastered crawling, she can get anywhere in a crawl position. She only uses her legs rarely though. She more pulls herself with her arms.

She can pull herself to a full standing position. I not sure if this is mastered or not, but she can do it well. As she is demonstrating in the photo of her pulling herself up on the bathtub.

She tends to almost always have her mouth open like she is in shock. It is pretty cute.

She enjoys walking with you holding her hands. She likes being underneath her exersaucer. I put cheese puffs in there today and she sat there for over an hour with like 6 cheese puffs.

Oh yeah, she is a good eater. She will eat anything you put near her. She does chew with her two little teeth, but we don’t give her huge things yet, just bite sizes. She likes drinking out of her sippy cups and really loves real glasses. She just thinks it is so fun to drink out of a big glass.

She draws so much attention. It is ridiculous. She loves it though, smiling for anyone that will smile at her. Posted by Picasa