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Yesterday, I went ahead and changed some of my sponsor links on this site.  I also put a featured sponsor up here on the right.  I think I will change that spot out randomly.

I put it as a Tutor company for now.  I think this company fits good with my school bus theme though and hopefully someone will find a need for that service.

I also added some other sponsors that I think are relevant to my site.  I put the Jostens Company, they make class rings.  The one I got from them in 1992 is still shining perfectly, so I do recommend them from experience.

I added AnytimeCostumes a costume company that will stay there until probably after Halloween, and than I will change that out.

I also included my favorite sheet music company because I think they have good prices. I also like to think that I maybe supporting music somewhere.  I played the clarinet in school and that was a good experience that should be available to all kids.

There are a couple others over there that I highly recommend, so please take some time and check out my sponsors.  They offer some great services.