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Today I should have gotten up with the cats meow, but I went back to sleep and almost over slept.  I have 5 stores to service this week and I got 4 of them done today.  That part of the day floated by so fast.  It went so fast which is a good thing.

Kyra had a doctors appointment at 2:30 in which she got her first vaccination.  Yes, she is over 2 and got her first one.  I am allergic to one of them and have a pretty sore reaction, so I wanted her to be able to tell me she is hurting when she gets them.  She got the DTaP one.  She cried for like a second.  I would have cried longer honestly.  She is doing great, such a strong girl compared to her woose mom!

We came home.  We fed the goats and were outside for a few minutes, not long because it has been raining quite a bit the last few days. 

20070820_00206pWhere does Kyra get all her energy??  We ran around our house, we rode the toy car around our house, we walked on the treadmill about 10 minutes at up to 3 miles an hour and 10% grade.  She was really thinking this was fun.

All that energy did make her tired though and she went to bed easy at about 9.

20070820_00306p Stan probably had the most boring day ever, so he even made it downstairs to walk on the treadmill too.  Doesn’t he look good in this photo?  He is getting healthier looking.  He has lost over 50 lbs since May.

That was my day.  Good Night…