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Asheley might still make it everyone do some hoping with me.  It is undecided right now.  She has a tear in her uterus though, so these are her last babies for forever.  She will never have a girl ever. That is only part of the bad news. 

If the tear is real bad, the vet couldn’t tell. The cervix was shut.  If it is large though, chances are she won’t make it through the week.  There is nothing you can do for this tear.  If it is small there is some organ that kicks in to repair it, but large ones don’t repair and she will basically bleed internally til she dies.  The vet gave her some medicine to help clean her out and will hopefully help with repairing the tear.  We also got some antibiotics, so she doesn’t get an infection as she gets better….again hoping she gets better.

Her milk isn’t coming in like it should because of stress, so I went and bought some milk replacer and am now the fill-in-mother of Finley and Snowy.  Finley has learned to nurse while Asheley is laying down, so is doing much better than Snowy. Snowy is loosing weight, but we are on it.  He ate a lot of replacer tonight, so he will be fine.  If Asheley does die, Snowy will have a bit of a heads up from learning about the bottle today instead of later.

The vet also gave me some medicine for the babies too.  Finley has slight case of the runs, so we got some stuff for those.  They should be taken care of now.

There is the sad news more.