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Today was sort of a strange day. (Compared with my other days, not compared to some peoples days.)

I woke up to Kevin not going to be coming. It turns his father was home today and decided to keep him, which is all good to me. I like the boy, but am ready for summer to end. I guess this kid watching isn’t for me. I will do it enough with my own girl, huh?? LOL… Well..He is a good kid. I give him that. He is just to easily bored. I do everything I can think of to keep him entertained short of standing on my head and he still isn’t entertained. He wants to go outside and run around, but it is over 100 degrees out and no way.

My cat has been sick for a few weeks, but more recently she has been getting on my nerves with this lingering sickness. Well, today I decided to do something about it. I called and made an appointment for her this morning. They made it 4 pm, which suited well.

Kyra and I played for a few hours. I didn’t even turn the TV on. We just played with toys and laughed. It was actually pretty fun. I sort of like the blocks with the little heads on them that you can push and the thingy spins. LOL… I like the dolls too. I never thought I would say that ever. I never much liked them when I was little, but Kyra really likes dolls. Well, we hugged and kissed dolls. Than I started doing peek-a-boo with the doll, this was a real hit. We did that for a long while. Well, fun fun….

Kyra took her nap close to noon. She slept til 1:30 when I woke her. We were going swimming. The open swim is only from 1 to 3, so we had to go so we could be in the pool and hour. We swam…swam…swam. Oh, when we got to the pool. The Swartz’s were there, so we had people to swim with. They all jumped in the water at the same time, and almost gave Kyra a heart attack I think. LOL… We raced them from side to side though. I couldn’t feel my legs when we got out.

We got home 3:30 skooped Diamond up and off the the vets we go. Diamond has lost half a pound. She has fleas, which I don’t think she has had in her life prior. They checked her temperature, OK. She was a little dehydrated, so they gave her fluid. They gave me an antibiotic for her, which they say may or may not work. They wanted to check her blood to see if her kidneys and liver were functioning properly. So they took blood and I will get those results in the morning. I am supposed to call them first thing in the morning. If she is feeling better than the antibiotics worked, they said I should see immediate results. If she isn’t feeling better, either the tests came back bad or she may have something like a piece of string or something blocking her system. We will know tomorrow.

I came home, played with Kyra a bit more. Than she went to bed.

I came to my computer. I am trying to learn this PSP mask thing, which I think I got. Here is the picture that I made. I did the flower one with a tutorial….but I learned what I wanted. I used my own image though different than the tutorial image. I think I did…. Here is the mask one I did using my car. This is no work really, just seeing if I can use the mask properly and make it fit my car image properly, which it did…Woo Hoo…

Well, that leaves me to now. I am talking to my friend (Steve) from California online, my friend (Cheryl) from Ohio, writing this, and checking on my ebay stuff all at the same time. I am going to bed soon. It has been a day and tomorrow should be another crazy one. Night…..