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20071021_00108a Roy, Sharon, Pete, and Betty left this morning about 9:30.  As they were leaving my grandmother called and said she was coming in an hour.

20071021_01210a So, what is going on here.  It was a day of visiting.  They were there about an hour is all, but it is good to visit.

There is basically nothing new going on.  My life has sort of lulled into a normal routine again almost instantly.  I love the visiting and all, but I also love normal. 

I took Stan to lunch after this and to the park.  I fixed that dumb interior light in my car that had been out for such a long time.

We came home.  I got talking to an old friend online and decided to go visit and introduce my daughter.  We went over there for a few hours.  It was a good visit. 

Kyra fell sleep on the way home and here I am up way to late.  It is past my bed time already, I can’t believe it.  So, I am off to bed…Good Night.