Select Page is Kyra in her new hat my aunt got her. She got her some pajamas too. Isn’t the hat adorable though?? LOL… she has other hats that aren’t so cute. This one matches her jacket though. Here she is outside waving with her little bus toy. She used to ride in that toy, but she doesn’t fit anymore. She waves now when waved too. She knows what is going on more and more every day. next one is her in the barn. I am sitting on a bale of hay, so she came over and sat on this little piece next to me. It was adorable. The outside cat was there with us, so really getting her attention.

She loves being outside though, I dread when it is will get really really cold out. I hope that doesn’t come. I mean we made it almost all the way through December, so I should just call it luck. We were outside so much yesterday. We were outside probably more than we were inside. We played for hours in the yard, than the barn, than we walked around the block. Adam was telling me the other day how big Kyra is compared to the stroller. How she used to look so little compared to it. Well, now she doesn’t look so little. It is almost like it should be bigger.

We finally went to Robin’s yesterday after it was too dark to be outside and her hair dresser was there with her niece. That is her with me and Kyra in this last picture. She is a year old. Kyra and her played so good together. It was really cute. They were giving each other hugs and holding hands. It was pretty fun. The time went so quick. We came home and Kyra went almost directly to bed.

I worked on my new project the Rock Club website. I should really put a link to that here in my sidebar. I made the about page for it last night. I still have a ton of things to do on it. I guess it just takes time.

I got my official notice that I got my TeamDoubleClick contractor position in my e-mail this morning. This means that I will get a job with them soon. I am sort of anxious for that to happen. It is really something when it happens. The lady that I think I should consider my boss said they are really busy and I should get an assignment very quickly. I am working on the Real Estate Assistant training documents though.

It is really a lot of reading and I am sort of a slow reader. I type and talk both faster than I read. I am that person that reads every “a” and “the” all the words and not at all a skimmer. Adam he is a skimmer when he reads. He sort of scoots along really fast, but won’t remember the “the” that was 2 words back. I don’t know which way is better. I sometimes wish I was fast, but I think I would miss so much of the details that sometimes I think it is good to be slower. Who knows?? LOL…

I told my kindergarten kids that this will be my last week driving them and that Miss Angel was going to be there new bus driver starting after Christmas break. They said, “But she is mean”.

I said, “She isn’t mean. She just makes you sit down better than I do.”

They reply, “But, we don’t want to sit down.” Oh the honesty of a 5 year old. I just love them sometimes.

I will miss driving them in ways, but not in other ways. It is sort of a mixed feeling. I will still have my other route which will have more kindergartener’s next year than this I think. I only have 4 on that route this year. The 1st graders make up though. They are a fun group. They also need help sitting down though. I should have Angel drive them for a few weeks and I drive her route. LOL….they would learn. I suck at yelling over people. My bus has the noise buffers too, so you have to yell twice as loud as you would without them as they go both ways. They make the kids seem quieter, but me seem even quieter than the kids. The bus that Angel drives doesn’t have them, so maybe that is her advantage.

Well, I am going to play with Kyra a bit before she goes to bed. I will probably go to bed early tonight too. I need some sleep. Night….