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I use VoiP for my home phone and it works wonderful. Here is a company that offers some stupendous rates for small business phone systems.

A VoiP set up is pretty simple, in my case I use a router connected to my cable modem for internet service in my home. The VoiP box that is shipped to you from the company offering your service simply plugs into my router and then another cord plugs from that into the phone.

In my system, I actually have all my phones wired together, so multiple phones will work on my system and I plug the box into my phone jack instead of a phone. That gives a signal to all the phones in my house.

You would never know that I have VoiP unless well…you read what I just told you. The signal is perfectly clear and there is rarely a problem, but when the electric goes off. You have to have electric to have phone service with this system. For me, though, the last place I want to be when I am without electric is on the phone. I have a cell phone as well that I can use in this situation.

Anyways…VoiP is a great deal and a product that I highly recommend. There are lots of different service providers, so I do recommend shopping around and knowing which features you will use the most with your current phone. You should look for those features in your next plan.

Good Night…