Select Page didn’t start off sick, at least I don’t think she did.

We were outside playing and everything was fine. I started trimming the apple tree and she was spinning and stuff in the yard. We were outside a heck of a long time today, probably 2 or 3 hours. It was 1:11 when we came in though and she took a nap. She only slept for about 45 minutes, which is short for that late of a nap. She woke up hungry wanting to nurse, which I am attempting to slow down on. So we did that and than she was dozing off again like I thought she should, so I held her in my arms. Oh, I love holding her.

Well, she woke up coughing like crazy. She did a slight spit up and then sort of dozed again. Then she started crying, so I got us up and we went to get towels to get in shower. The towels are downstairs, so we were down there. I had just gotten the towels and she vomited a whole lot right onto the towels, so we tossed them into the laundry there and started over. I was feeling terrible for her. I don’t know if she has really vomited like that before in her life. She was crying. I was holding her and rubbing her back and neck. She calmed down. I got her ready for the bath about the put her in the bath and she peed all over me. aaahhhh! I guess I needed a bath too. I put her in bath. Hurriedly got in the shower above her. She usually is really happy in there playing well past my showertime. Today, she sort of just wanted out. Needless to say it was very short, but she was clean and I was clean.

Kyra is still so not good at staying home. I think when she feels bad this is especially so, this made us go shopping. We went grocery shopping which was on the plans for today any ways. We needed laundry soap mostly. Well, we spent over hundred dollars on food stuff. Kyra seemed good, but would occasionally cough. We were shopping for over an hour. We came home and played a bit..this is when both these pictures are taken. Then she was tired, I sat on the couch watching Animal Cop on Animal Planet and she feel asleep on my shoulder. I held her sleeping for close to 3 hours and then I put her in bed with her head and back high on the pillow elevating her so hopefully she drains this fluid better. She has since wiggled to flat on her back though and seems to be sleeping good. Adam was reading the “toddler” book. It says that babies that are 2 years old (24 months) should be just learning to throw over hand…here is an image that blows that statistic out of the water. I have an advanced overhand thrower on my hands. She has been throwing for at least a month and is so good at it now, she can almost hit her target. Here is the hair brush going for the cat…poor cat huh?? Kyra is 17 months old now or over 1/2 a year ahead of her time. Ha ha…

Here is the picture of most of the gifts I got from kids that ride my bus. The others that are not here, well. They are mostly going through the digestion process of Adam right now. I kept yelling at him for eating my food, blah…. There is also another candle that I got that is burning in my kitchen. It is Carmelized Pear scented and smells wonderful.

Well, that is my day before the day before Christmas…I am all excited for Christmas again so I can play with Kyra’s toys. Toys are so fun. Woo Hoo… Night.