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My Vonage story is probably unique in that I used a service called Lingo first for VOIP service. Yeah, I think I was the first Lingo customer actually as they messed up my account so much I got 6 months of free service before I paid..that was after I contacted there corporate offices.I used them for 2 years I think. I canceled just because I wasn’t using the phone enough to make it worth the bill and decided just to get rid of my home number all together and keep my cell number.

Well, when I started working for TeamDoubleClick, I needed to have a home phone line. It also happened that that same day Lingo sent out $50 off if you return you have til the end of the month to take the offer. The end of the month was less than 24 hours away though, so I thought they were talking the next month. Like they had send the e-mail 6 hours early. I called to get the discount and resign up. They gave me a huge run around. They had meant next 6 hours. I thought screw this it isn’t worth $50.

That was when I started looking into Vonage. I signed up with them and well there was basically no headaches. I have had there service since and am very happy with it. I honestly don’t think I have spoken to one live person except the person who called the day I set it up to make sure everything was working okay for me. Yeah, someone called me. I didn’t call them…how cool is that?

So after you have decided that Vonage is right for you too, tell them that Jennifer at Ladylike4 sent you and that should get you a free month of service. It gets me something too, but I don’t know what. This is an honest referral. I don’t refer people to programs that I don’t believe in myself on this page. This page isn’t about money or referrals, but those are what makes it pay for itself, so you will find some. This page pays for it’s own hosting and that, so having it doesn’t loose me money. I mostly enjoy having this page.

I am really going to bed now.
This is a sponsored post.