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Payperpost is really ticking me off. They are rejecting any post that is posted next to a Blogger of the Day post, saying that I don’t have enough actual content on my site. It all makes me wonder if they have actually looked at my site. I have more content than the beloved Colleen ever had, no offense Colleen. It is true though.

Here is there rejection notice 2nd time for this post.

Hello Jennifer,

Thanks for blogging with PayPerPost. We?ve noticed your interims namely “AntiBarbie.Net – BOTD” is not quite meeting the PPP Terms of Service lately. It seem to lack quality content, To better balance your blog, and provide balanced, quality content for your readers, start beefing up your non-sponsored interims. What do you enjoy writing about? What?s going on that you?d like to add to your blog?

We look forward to seeing more valuable content in your non-sponsored posts! Thanks!.


Here though, look at this: I did 9 post on that same day, of which only that 1 was sponsored and just happened to follow the BOTD post.

Is anything like this happening to you?? Can you believe it??