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Today was a great day. We got up, got showers. Decided that we were out of food, and that we were going to go out to lunch. We had a long debate on where to go. We decided that we would go to Victor’s, we haven’t been there in awhile and they have a nice place. We than said we should get some exercise too, so we decided to go to the trails and do some walking.

Here is Kyra with Adam on that walk. She is showing off her very impressive wave in this picture. She now uses that wave very effectively. It was very hot today though, so we ended up not walking as far as we should have. I was sweating so badly. It was over 90 degrees out.

We went and got groceries afterward. We got Kyra her birthday gift, but we are going to wrap it and make her work for it. I will tell you what she thinks of it next week. Next year we will have to hide it when we buy it. This year she doesn’t really understand Birthday’s, so we got it while she was right with us. The surprise is on everyone else this year. She will understand next year though, so we will be more sneaky. Birthday’s are fun days…LOL..

We also got Adam a new shaver, so he should look good. He has been using the shaver I use on my legs for like 2 weeks. The kind with the soap around the blade. He is funny because he says you can’t get it close to your nose. I would image he is right there is over an inch of soap surrounding the blade. It was a really funny conversation. I can imagine it being something on a sitcom show skit. His old razor broke and I tossed it out. It was terrible working and looking anyways.

When we got home I went to playing with Kyra and the new crayons that I bought her on Friday. She drew her first line, but it was too faint for me to scan and show you. Why did I give her the yellow crayon first?? Oh well, when she colors her first whole picture….I will for sure have a scan of it on here.

She gets cuter everyday. She is getting to be a good dancer. She likes doing dips with me. She puts her little head back and laughs so hard. It is so fun. She bops her head everytime she hears music and I am beginning too too, like even commercials or stuff we sit and bop our heads. So much fun.

Well, that was my day. Bye…..