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Today was a fun day. We went for a walk early today, so all of these photos were taken during this walk.  We went probably my guess is 4 miles, but it was around our block.  We don’t have those cute little city blocks out here in the country.  I put them in order of size, so hopefully they line up nicely even on small screens…..who knows on that.  I have a widescreen, so if they are all messed up on your screen.  I sorry…Kyra wanted to be carried a good bit of the walk, so Adam got that honor.  It was good for him though, he always complains that my walks aren’t enough of a work out for him anyways, so this was a good added 30 lbs.  It is really beautiful here where we live.  The big open fields…I love it. Kyra loves pulling things and pushing things.  She pulled the wagon as heavy as it is for quite a ways and screamed if you tried to get her to stop.

There are lots of cows on our walk, but the Jersey farm seems to have the most friendly ones.These two barn swallows didn’t even seem scared of me.

 Are dandelions a weed, because this field sure does look better because of them.

We came home.  I was sort of really tired and sort of vegged out in front of some movie we had.  I don’t even remember what it was about as I type here now, so that is very sad.  I came to my computer for a bit and did my usual reading.

Than Adam asked if we could go to Walmart.  Well, I have a whole list of things I need that aren’t food and we need food.  Aaaaahhhhhh!  Ultimately we spent $307.03.  Yeah, that is a lot of money for one trip to Walmart.  We got the paint for Stan’s room though and we aren’t going to starve, so this is all a good thing.  I got things like cleaners, soaps, deodorant, toothpaste.  These things we don’t run out of every week, you know.

   Here in close is Kyra sleeping.  Which is what I will be doing in very short order.

I am going to observe this one day silence tomorrow like a whole lot of other people out here, so you won’t see any postings from me at all.  My thoughts are going to go out to Virginia Tech victims, but more to there families.