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Today was a great day.  Although more on the dull side even for me.

Here is Kyra on the treadmill today.  It is on…she is actively walking at 1 mile per hour.  She pulls the cord when she wants to stop, but I watch her 100% of the time, of course.

She is eating like a horse lately and absorbs everything you do like a sponge.

She is saying a whole lot of new words too, but they are coming fast and furious now.  I think I am going to quit logging them in here.  She learns so many and attempts almost any word you tell her too.

She pretty much knows everything you are talking about as well.  I think she knows every part of her body in depth.  The kids were teaching her where is your saliva today on the bus.  She knows which finger is which that was the last project of the kids on the bus.  The middle finger is the flipper…ha ha.

Today went fast though, that is what the main issue with today is.  I did get to work some, but it seems like I did nothing.  I have a whole lot of open projects going on and need to get some completed tomorrow.

Well, I am off to bed.  Night.