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Today while we walked I didn’t take my camera. So this is from yesterday. Darn though, the horses were loose while I walked this morning and I could have gotten some of the best horse pictures of my life. The horses were running like they just found freedom, so graceful and full of life. It was wonderful. I was was silently hoping that they wouldn’t be noticed loose for awhile and get to stay free. They were noticed though and there owner attempted to gather them up. It was fun to see though. I will always take my camera from now on. Dumb dumb….

I am making split pea soup today. It has been cooking since 10 am and I just tasted it now almost 10 hours later and the peas still aren’t mushy. I turned it to high as I do want to try it tonight. I took a good nap with Kyra today, so maybe I will stay up a couple hours more and eat my soup.

My online friend from San Antonio moved into her new house this week. She is getting a divorce and this is the first time she is by herself with her daughter. I am so excited that she will finally figure out how great life can be without things and people putting you down. She is going to do so good and I am so proud of her. I wanted to make it public knowledge.

Well, that is all for now. I may be back for more though while I wait for my soup to cook. Night…. Posted by Picasa