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20071201_00205p I am really going crazy today.  I am sitting here with a blank head no knowing what to say.  If you know me, you know that I don’t do that often.  Today was rather dull, but it didn’t seem dull while it was happening.

I stayed home all but driving my routes.  It was another day of not spending a dime.  It was very very cold out today, but no snow or anything like that.   I talked to a bunch of the people in my family today, my aunt, my mom, and my grandmother.  Yeah, all in the same day.  LOL…  They all seem to be doing fine, but each had something different to say about there weather.  They got a lot of snow I guess.  I am very glad to not live up there…woo hoo on moving.  I think I will be staying here, thank you very much.

20071204_01402p The kids are working on decorating my bus.  There is the decorations as of the beginning of today.  There is another strip of rings on the side now and a couple packages in the back.

I am watching TV now, CSI from the DVR.  Stephen is coming down sometime soon to watch some movie from his vast collection.  He has dozens of movies that he thinks I should watch which I won’t object. 

20071204_02004p Kyra has been doing wonderful today.  We read a whole lot and did some cooking together.  She mixed my iced tea for me and put the ice in.  She is getting so she can really do things.  It is comical the way she helps fold laundry with me.  I hand her a piece, she folds it…and hands it back to me.  I hand her another piece and refold the piece she gave me.  I fold 3 or 4 more pieces and she will have that one folded.  She does it all serious.

She can pretty much name every photo in this picture book we have, but I have been trying to get her to say toothpaste, but she calls the toothpaste, “teeth all clean” and will argue with you that that is what that stuff is.  It makes me crack up laughing.

Well, have a great night.