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Today was a fun day.  We went to Waynesboro Walmart. Kyra just loves the car as you walk in. We were there for my monthly job.  I checked over all the cameras and computers for HP.  It is sort of a fun job and sort of a crazy job.  I mean I drive an hour to get there, but it is an hour where I get Adam out and I am guaranteed a meal somewhere besides home, which in my case is a good reason for going anywhere.  I would starve I think if it weren’t for Adam, he keeps me slightly overweight through his cooking.  LOL…

While at the Walmart, Adam got his hair cut by a guy in the early stages of Parkinson disease, I think.  He had to use one hand to hold the other hand steady.  It is a really good thing Adam’s hair is so short anyways, there wasn’t much he could mess up.  I was sort of hoping he would just shave it off clean. We ate lunch at Pizza Hut, the Waynesboro version is great.  It was super fresh and just yum.

We came home it was early before 1. We went fed the goats and went to the neighbors for awhile. They had given Kyra an Easter basket of candy earlier, so I went to thank them. 

I came home and have been planted here ever since.  Adam had Kyra asleep without me even noticing which is really unusual.  She was playing with this ugly hat again, why does she like that thing…goodness gracious.  Adam took that picture, he is getting better with the camera.

Oh, and I can wiggle my toe again.  It is amazing…I hadn’t been able to since probably a month ago.  I think that is a good sign, but it does still hurt.

Good Night…