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I am broke financially right now, temporarily of course.  However, this fact makes me very aware of the cost of leaving home, so today we stayed home instead of going to dinner like I wanted to.  

You are also going to notice some advertising posts on this site.  I am going to do quite a few PayPerPost ads here to make up some extra money which will help with a few bills that I have that aren’t my usual ones.  Like my toe thing which costs $225 (not bad for what he did really) but that is a bill that is like an odd ball and there are a couple others I have.  I am also going to write a couple posts for a couple affiliate sites that I do sometimes refer people through that I have never advertised on this site.

I hate cooking if you didn’t know that and I use any reason in the whole wide world to get away from the idea of cooking something to eat for myself, so not going to dinner with Kyra is a huge step.  I am so bad that before Kyra there were days that I just didn’t eat because I didn’t want to cook anything.  I have macaroni and cheese in the fridge, so we ate that today.  We didn’t go eat or go to the park.

I find this all remarkably funny at the same time because I love my kitchen and why wouldn’t I want to spend more time in there.  It is a complete oxymoron.  I can sometimes just sit in there and look at my rocks and do nothing when I could easily be cooking something.  I look in the food close that has lots of food in it and see nothing to eat most of the time because it all requires heat of some type.  LOL…

We did go outside for most of the day today.  It was super cloudy here.  Nice temperature and not raining, but cloudy.

We watered the garden.  Which is something Kyra is great at.  She didn’t even spray herself which makes me proud.  That Teepee looking thing is my pea stakes…hope they work.  There is 6 to 8 pea plants at the bottom of every pole.  They are growing too…woo hoo.  The corn is coming up as well.

  Here is our little caramel.  She is getting so big so fast.  Goats grow even faster than kids and she is what I would say is adolescent in people words.  She is very friendly and a pleasure to have for the most part. I am missing bullet, but it was worth it because we have her too. 

 Robin my neighbor had the funeral of her grandfather today and we went down to her house afterward to see how she was doing.  She was really close with him and they even went fishing like 2 weeks ago together, so she was all sad and stuff.  These are flowers not from the funeral, but from in her flower bed that we walk past to get into her house.  I had the camera still from taking it to the barn.   Here is our cute barn cat.

It was over all a pretty good day.