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20070722_04509a Yeah, it is pretty depressing around here.  All the “I’m Sorry” and what not.  This is nothing to be sad about.  You have to know me…I get along great with Adam.  We aren’t fighting.  This is a move to the better.  We will be better parents.  We both love Kyra unconditionally.  She will know that more with us apart.

Ok, so as a pick me up for all the people whom I have depressed into saying their sorry’s.  I have some photos.

I thought that photo was cool because the horses line up in between the rungs of the fence.  This is the horses at our park of course.  I love the park.

20070722_02309a 20070722_03609a Here is Kyra on the swing.  (These are photos from Sunday.)  Yesterday, I cut her hair. This is the before picture, you can see how it is always in her eyes.  It is out of her eyes now. 

She loves the swing though, well she loves everything at the playground.  I felt weird at the park.  There was a church meeting going on and Kyra was on the slide everytime she says “Ready” and going on down.  I wondered if the people in church were watching her versus watching the preacher.

20070723_00207p This is what she did when I told her to show me her new haircut, so you aren’t getting a better view yet.  LOL…  She is already a smartalic.  I didn’t think that started til she was older.  It looks so nice though, her little face with it totally outlined.  I cut off a couple of larger pieces from the side underneath too, I put the hair in her baby book. 

20070722_04609a Here is a robin with a worm.  Isn’t it cute?  I love robins.  Me and Kyra were chasing this one and it almost wouldn’t fly away from us.

20070722_05203p  Here is another of the views that I love.  This is like 2 miles from my house.

 20070724_00708a Today was our diabetic training class.  Tom watched Kyra.  Stan did good today.  I am really proud that he stepped it up from the complaints I heard a week ago.  He went to the class and actually said he liked this instructor.  We had a different one last week.  They taught us about glucose tablets today.  I think Stan is a case above this class though, a 1/2 cup of orange juice is a joke to raise his sugar.  I give him a jug practically and it only goes up a few.  They called 70 low which is a new number to us.  I was calling 60 low.  Stan’s sugar has been down as low as 28 though since he has been here.  It has also been higher than the 200 which they called high.  Stan’s has been like 500.  He goes up and down, but it is getting way stabler. 

The class is good for him though.  It makes him see the people with milder versions of it and that is where he can be someday if he keeps doing it right like he is.  He has lost 30 lbs., so that is good.

We came back, got Kyra.  We didn’t have time to visit to much.  It looked like she had a blast though.  She came home and practically fell straight to sleep.  She slept like 3 hours too. 

I had got an audio book that I had ordered, so Stan and I listened to 2 CD’s of that.  It was amazed that Stan seemed to be liking listening to this too.  It is one of my boring books, about patents and laws and stuff like that.  He seemed really interested though and that impressed me.  He isn’t the patent law type of guy.  LOL…

Kyra woke up and we went outside and played for 3 or 4 hours in the yard and back in to watch Barney and go to bed.  What a day!!!  LOL….

I am not exhausted and also going to bed.  There is your pick me up…everything is fine around here.  Yes, completely fine…..

Good Night.