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I took the photos at Tony’s wedding yesterday. It was quite an entertaining wedding and everyone was so very cute. The preacher was like an hour late though, so that will be memorable for them. They had quite a few uninvited wildlife guest show up including this Yellow Headed Rattlesnake. He just rested on the wall of the park, but these were highlights of my photography I think. I enjoy nature the most.

Here is another closer shot of him. He is just resting there. This is as close as I could get or had the nerves. He later just slithered off the other direction from the party. What a cool sighting.

There were a couple other snakes at this wedding. I don’t know if this is good luck, but we will take it as that. Here is a simple garder snake that was present. I think he looks more ferousious than the rattler.

One more snake. Here is a black snake that stopped the food truck from setting up for a few minutes as it crossed the driveway.

The lillies were in perfect bloom. The weather was perfect. It was a great time, I think all will agree.

Adam took off the day from work, so he could come to watch Kyra. She was a perfect angel. She didn’t cry one time. She even was good when being held by a variety of people whom she didn’t know on a daily basis. She never ceases to amaze me.

The bride and groom looked stunning. I loved the casual nature of this wedding totally. This is how I would have a wedding if I ever had another one, not that my first justice of the peace ceremony was formal or anything. I just don’t like those formal ritual type events. This was so peaceful. Here is a picture of the bride and groom. I think they were both stunning and so very happy.

Well, there is the wildlife wedding. It was really great.

Bye for now…..