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Wee… Here she is riding in her school bus. I don’t think it is really a riding toy, but more a pulling toy. She fits nicely though and really likes riding. LOL….

Today was a good day.

We did our school bus run. We took Adam around with the car to show him where we go with the school bus. Than we went to Bent and Dent and bought some vegtables and coffee filters, only spent $13 isn’t that amazing. Than we did our school bus run again.

We gave Kyra’s crib away today. Our friend Hillary found out she was pregnant, so her baby will sleep in Kyra’s crib when it is born. We moved the double bed in Kyra’s room, so she is ready to go.

We have eye appointments tomorrow and both me and Adam are going to start wearing contacts again. I haven’t worn them in 5 years, so this is sort of exciting to me. The prices on them have really dropped in that 5 years. When I wore them back than I paid $35 a box and now that same box is $15. That means maybe this time I will continue to wear them as I do really like not having glasses on all the time. It detracts from my face.

Well, I am going to bed. Night. Posted by Picasa