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20080223_00706pI am glad I took this job that I have every weekend off.  Weekends now rock.  Yesterday we rode 4-wheeler for like 2 hours.  We went and got my car serviced and all that mess.  We baked cookies.  It was all around a great day. 

20080224_01208a Today we went to CR Bucks with Lyn and her family.  We stayed about 30 minutes longer than they did looking at the deer and playing with the trains that they have set up for kids.  We went shoe shopping after, which I got a pair of dress shoe flats for work.  I had been wearing boots all the time. 

We went to the mall and got another pump for my basement. 

We got home played like crazy both inside and out.  I am dead tired. 

I could have fell asleep already, but Kyra keeps me awake.  LOL…  I made super and Tom came out to visit.  He is looking for the spin wheel for the rock show.  I did have it so woo hoo…that is found.  We are ready for the show, I think.  Now I just have to post it every where around the internet in the next couple weeks.

Hope you had a nice weekend too.