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Today was sort of a strange day.  It started out with me not sleeping almost at all last night.  I than slept in this morning and was still in bed when Adam left for work.

My car isn’t starting still, which makes me depressed because I spent almost a thousand dollars on it a few weeks ago.  It is the starter now though…aaaaahhhh!  He came and looked at it though and is ordering the parts.  He cleaned some part off, so it should work temporarily he said.

Stan is sort of disregarding everything he is supposed to be doing as far as the sleep machine.  That is stressful to me for some reason unknown to me.  I guess I have an underlying fear of finding him dead in his bed which would be terrible.  I assume that is what will happen one day though. 

He stopped breathing 252 times the night of his sleep test and now he has this machine that will help him not stop breathing.  He just has to get used to it and it is admittedly hard to get used to.  You have to try though and he is refusing to even try.

He is complaining about these custom socks we had made for him.  They will keep his feet from swelling excessively.  He is wearing them though sometimes, so I am not saying anything to this.

He is also now complaining about our once a week diabetic training and we have only went one week.  There are 7 more.  It is an hour a week….I drive.  I have everything set up. 

I wonder if he really has the right to complain.  I mean a lot of people have went out of there way to help him, not just me.

Well, that is my thoughts on that..

Dale came over today though which was good.  It made me sort of forget I was in a strange mood for a few minutes which I needed.

I went to the neighbor kid’s for a few minutes and Kyra played with them.  I haven’t seen them nearly as much this year as in past years.  I didn’t have the nerves to tell them that we were moving.  I secretly wish that they would just read this site.  I wouldn’t have to tell anyone anything if that happened.

I talked to Robin also which is good.  She fixed Sara’s grave all today taking the dead flowers off and stuff.  I guess that made me appreciative of life for a few minutes.

I thought about my moving a lot today though.  I talked to Scott Smith from over at MDCREI about it too.  He gave me some good advice as usual.  He says we are going about this generally the right way, which is good to hear.

We went out to dinner at the Cracker Barrel.  I am glad for that.  I wasn’t really in the mood to cook and Kyra was a gem.

I took pictures like I said I would, but…It is 11:30 almost and I am not going to load them and mess with them, so I will post some of them tomorrow.  I am instead going to bed hopefully to sleep.  If not, you may see a really cheap paying PPP show up in the middle of the night.  LOL…

Hopefully tomorrow will be a great day and I will get out of this sort of rut that my emotions seem to be in here now.

Good Night.