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Today was sort of a strange day as far as days go. I started out doing my bus route, now there is only 7 days left. (Doing a little dance!!) While I was gone, the doctor called and told Adam that Stan was ready to be released, so Adam said he could be there at 10.

I got home and we went to the hospital all three of us. I should have just stayed home, but as always hindsight is 20/20. We got to the hospital. Stan wasn’t ready to be released, but he was going to be released today. He was in some sort of stomach test. Adam and Kyra decided to read the bible together in the waiting room.

Later Kyra decided she was tired and laid down on the floor. Yeah, blah but she is two so this is hard urge to stop.

She also got very excited about Elmo’s World on TV. Look at that little fist, that is the think that gets me. She clinched up in this wonderful smile beaming from ear to ear.

Who would have known that waiting in a waiting room could be so fun. We waited about an hour before Stan got out of testing. I talked to him for a few minutes.

Adam than like a big dummy that sometimes he can be started talking to the nurse about us being asked to leave yesterday because Kyra was under 12. Yeah, can you believe he was talking to the nurse about this ahhh duh, standing there holding Kyra. Anyways, she told him that the rules should be followed of course and asked him to leave. LOL….

I took Kyra and left with Adam still there. I wasn’t mad or anything, but it was apparent that he was being dumb and Stan wasn’t going to be released any time soon. We came home.

Kyra was sleep by the time we got home. I have this crazy cough that won’t go away and keeps me from getting a good night sleep. It is just a cough, there is no sickness that goes with it. No sinus issues, nothing. I am saying this because I want to to know that I am not contagious and am okay in the hospital. Anyways, I was tired and Kyra was sleep. I pulled in the driveway behind the bus opened all the car windows so we didn’t roast and I fell asleep in the drivers seat with Kyra asleep in the back. It was lovely.

We woke up with only like 2 hours before I had to drive. We came in house played for those two hours and then went driving the bus. Adam was at the hospital with his dad this whole time. I called the neighbors and asked them if they would watch Kyra when I got back so I could go get Adam. They agreed and that is what I did.

I went stopped and got food for us. When I got to the hospital both Adam and Stan were basically ready to go. We left went to pharmacy and took a couple new prescriptions. Came home Adam went and got Kyra and I have a whole lot of work to do on here. Stan came in and took his position in his favorite rocking chair. He does look comfortable there doesn’t he. I had a conference call at 7 and a lot of work to do on here, so I came and got into that. Happy Happy…

I am now semi caught up. I am going to write an article for Daily Blog Tips tonight which, hopefully, I will do as an ongoing thing. I would like to write some more basic technical articles to help keep my computer skills sharp. I am going to call Nia in a few minutes to ask her about proof reading it, so I can send a perfectly grammatical article in to them.

Stan is all tucked into his bed upstairs fast asleep. He had a rough day. I can’t say that I did though, my day was rather complicated, but far from rough.

Good Night…