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I have never studied so hard for a test and not succeeded in passing it.  My study material for this test is not complete enough for the test.  I am now ordering another $50 book (this one costed $50 as well but my office paid for it), I will than take a week off and play with Kyra. 

I think she thinks I am ignoring her because I play with her so little.  I play for an hour or two and then we go lay in bed while I study.  That is a complete change for her from when I was driving bus.  I miss her extremely.  I used to just play with her from like 9 to 2 all day.  Now she is at the babysitter’s playing.  I end up playing only from like 6-8 in the evening which is also when she is the least happiest of the day.  I still get to play all weekend though and I try to make that my plans for all weekend every weekend.  We go someplace fun usually on the weekends too.

I used to get on my computer in the evening when I am now playing with her, but now it has all changed.  Here I am on the phone on hold working on 3 policies at work and typing on my site now.  It is such a dramatic change even after 2 months, I am not used to it yet.