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It really did end that fast.  I cried like 2 times during my last day at the thought of not seeing some of my friends the way I do now.  It went smoothly though and the kids really don’t have a concept of what is going on only that they will have a new bus driver.  It is strange the questions that they ask though, I answered all of them though.

I will miss quite a few students though.  There are some of course that I won’t miss.

As far as my bus, I didn’t expect it.  The contractor was waiting in my driveway when I got back from my afternoon route, they gave me my last pay check and off they went with the bus.  It was quick, fast, and in a hurry.  GONE!  I was going to sweep it out and stuff too.  Oh well, that doesn’t make me sad.  LOL…

I am excited, nervous, and sort of have this overwhelmed feeling as I look forward to my next few weeks.  My finances are hurting and now where I had multiple sources of incomes, most of them are drying up.  I put in all my notices and my last checks are coming.  I don’t get paid at my new job for 3 weeks, so this month I am tightening down.

I have enough food though,there is oil in the tank, the house payment is made, so we are good. I bought dog food today, so Deuce won’t be starving either.  LOL…

We went 4-wheeler riding today out in the snow.  It is fun to do donuts on the 4-wheeler in the snow and ice, sliding around.  Kyra was laughing and laughing.  She was outside later in the evening throwing ice and then Deuce was running and getting it for her.  She was outside a whole lot today.  She was 1/2 watching for Stephanie to come out though, she is always wanting to play with Stephanie.  I really hope she gets as excited to play with Emma as she does Stephanie because if she does, I won’t have much issues leaving her there while I work.  I so want her to be excited going to her new baby sitter.  (I hate the word baby sitter though, is there a better word for that??)

Anyways, everything is going good, looking up, positive things are happening.