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This is as pretty of a day as there gets, I think.  Don’t you agree??  This is right in my back yard.  I love it here.

The peach tree is blossoming also in backyard.

Our little caramel is hardly recognizable, she is almost 2 months old now.

It is sort of funny though because Kyra, still wants carried.  I thought it was the snow…ha ha.

Oh, and she got a package from her grandparents for Easter.  It was nice of them to send her some stuff.  I think she will especially like the book they sent.  It has a bed time story for every day of the year for a year.  Today, however, she got the most fun out of the box that it came in.  I think she ripped every speck of tape on that thing off.  This picture is of her with the box.

We are going up to my grandma’s for Easter this year for lunch and then bringing Adam’s dad back with us for the week, so Kyra will get to see her grandparents and great grandma.  We don’t go very often and I haven’t told very many people, so sort of a surprise visit.  We aren’t staying long though coming back the same day.