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I worked dead tired Friday from going out Thursday.  How I did it no idea….  that nothing though.  Friday, we never even came home.  A bunch of my customers said “Hey!  We going to races, you should come!”

I was like okay, so off me and Kyra went with 3 of my customers.

I never watched the little cars race.  It was a blast.  We ended up being with like 20 people when we got there because the uncle to my one customer was an actual driver and had his whole fan section.  It was great.  Kyra had a blast.

Saturday, we took one of my friends Brad to the apple festival, so we were there like 6 hours.  We watched Indian Dancing.  We ate apples.  We went through there petting zoo area.

Today we went to Walmart.  I got photos printed, so that I can have actual pictures of Kyra in my office.  We went to the park for a few hours.

All and all….it was a really great weekend.