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Today was great until about noon.  Yeah at noon…the world ended.  I think Kyra cried from that point until about 6.  She got into about everything in the house and was a constant menace. 

She was on the sink in the basement, ate about 1/8th of a tube of toothpaste before I caught her. She moved the tub of kitty liter over to the sink to accomplish this mission.

She was on the counter in the kitchen in the spice cupboard.  She spilled about 1/4 of my Mrs. Dash junk stuff all over.  She was trying to clean the sink with the brush thingy that I clean it with everyday.  She moved the kitchen stools over to the counter to accomplish this mission.

She was in the dog water, which I had thought she was broken of.  She gets her butt smacked when she is in the dog water.  She has in the past emptied the whole big bowl with a teaspoon… it is really that entertaining.  You really do have to watch her when she is quiet.

She was just generally bad doing things I don’t think she ever did before…she dumped all her toys out, with straight up picking up the basket and dumping it.  She usually gets them everywhere, but a few at a time.  She never straight up dumps them out.  She also dumped all her clothes out about 5 or 6 times, so I was having her clean up those enough today.

It basically wasn’t a fun day at all.  I thought I would take some pictures of us, but I turned out just chasing her around like I imagine the mothers of those terrible two year old’s do. 

I am hoping all the fuss is because she didn’t take a nap at all.  This time change has her all messed up, like it has every year of her short life so far.  I will hope for tomorrow that it turns out to be a marvelous fun day. 

I might take us to the mall tomorrow.  I need some new heals as the dog ate mine.  Well, he ate the foot insert pad thingy and now they are terrible uncomfortable.  I can make Kyra sleep better too, if I do something more active to wear her out.

The good things of today though is I got some cleaning done and I got all my laundry done.  I also talked to my brother for a good hour, which it has been a very long time since I talked with him.  That was before noon…that I talked to him.  LOL…  He is going to come down just after Thanksgiving here, so that will be nice.  I love seeing Haley each time.  She is almost as cute as Kyra (on good days).

Kyra also went to bed at 6 because she had herself cried to sleep by that point.  She cried so much today, probably the most of her whole life.  I feel like a mean mom right now even though I basically did nothing but hug her and let her cry.  I have no idea what the right thing to do is when your child is going nutso.  Kids should so have manuals with them.   She will sleep now for the night now, which means an early morning for me probably.  I’ll expect it though and go to bed early. 

What a day!  Good Night…