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I am taking heat, sort of today.  It isn’t from my boss or anything like that, so no worries on that part.  I have a student though.  This is a kindergarten student.  I know the mom works 1/2 hour past when I drop off the student, so is sometimes not there.  I have gotten permission as a note to drop this student off at the grandparents house, which I have done as one note for all year.  So I am basically dropping this student off at one of two places without any further action by the mom, whichever place has an adult present, I let the child off.

Well, there wasn’t an adult at either place today.

The cousins to this student also ride my bus.  The mother’s sister’s kids whom, I know they are a very close family and the students are the same age.  They frequently get on the bus all together, well most of the time.

I however do not have any sort of note or permission in writing to let this student off at this place, so I didn’t.  I also don’t think it is good for a student to not know where they are getting off, it seems not healthy to me for some reason.

The sister/cousins wanted the student off.  I took him to school though because I am responsible should anything happen.  I know…I don’t believe anything would, but that slight responsibility makes me not do it.

The mother calls me within a minute of me passing the cousins with her son on board and tells me I am being unreasonable and that she can’t help it she has to work, on and on…you know.  I felt bad, but I wasn’t being mean.  I told her I couldn’t talk while I was driving and told her to call back in 10 minutes, she didn’t.

What do you think??  Should I have left this student off??