Select Page When did 3 hour bathes become fun? Not relaxing, but fun. LOL… This is because I have never had so much fun just splashing with water unless it was when I was a baby which is before I remember.

We finished that and then delivered some fish to the pet store, 27 fish to be exact. That is the most I have sold in one shot and the crazy part is. I was sick of catching them so didn’t even catch all that were that size that could go. I will maybe take some more next week.

We finished that and I did a job at Walmart. Than I delivered a picture that I took and developed of Roy and Mary to them, it turned out good. I think they liked it too.

Than we ate at Subway. They messed up my bill, but finally got it straight and gave me a free bag of chips on top of that, so it was all good. Not that I needed a bag of chips or anything cause we all know the fewer chips I eat the better. I could live a month without food at all I think.

Well, there is Kyra in her new shirt I got her yesterday. She has so few long sleeve shirts and I couldn’t resist. I love getting her nice things.