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I am in a unique situation, I think. Not sure… I have a 2 year old, a 30 year old, and a 71 year old all living in our house. We are each in completely different stages of our lives, yet we co-exist. LOL…

I think 2 years old is the best age because you don’t have any worry. You can ask for everything with whatever “ME” and everyone just does it. Like feed me, walk me, sit me, pull me, carry me, pick me, help me, water me, pappa me, kiss me, etc, etc, …..this list can go on forever and ever.

You can dance anywhere and nobody thinks it is strange. You can even dance to the elevator music that they play at the mall in attempts to keep you out of the center aisle and in stores.

You can also be completely quiet when talked to and nobody things any differently of you. Hiding behind things is completely appropriate.

I also think being 30 years old is the best though. I am loving this age. I think everyone finally agrees that I am adult enough to take care of myself. I have yet to figure out why some think that 20 year old’s are incapable of this.

I have grown to not be embarrassed so easily. I am okay with Kyra dancing in the mall for example. I think had she been born earlier in my life that I would be more stressed with her. I find now to be the perfect time to have her as a 2 year old.

It is perfect that I am past the high school days too. I sort of dreaded them each morning.

I think being 71 is a good age too. There are so many unfortunate that do not make it to that age, that you should be ever so thankful if you are there. You have learned to never be embarrassed at this age. You have learned to joke about age and about yourself, life isn’t as serious business as it once was.

You know you are smarter than most of the people around you, but because you went through all those hard knocks at about the same time as you witness those around you going through them. You have learned to shut up about it though.

You get price discounts at a whole load of places just for being you.

So there you have it the reasons cliff notes version of why every age in my house is the very best age. I am writing this for the October MamaBlogger Writing Group Project. Go check out all the other entries and decide for yourself what is the very best age???