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Here is the kind of story, I hate reading.  It is so sorry that I am not even giving them credit for writing it.

  1. What was the medical condition?? 
  2. Was it the heat?? 
  3. is the driver is doing okay?? 

I hate that they don’t tell you anything here, but the whole thing is scary.  I hope all are healing today.

Pouslbo school bus driver passes out

POULSBO, Wash. (AP) — The driver of a school bus passed out and the bus crashed at a slow speed into cars and a utility pole.

No one was injured in today’s accident.

Police say it appears the 47-year-old driver had a medical problem. Medics performed CPR and took the driver to a hospital.

Another bus took the students to Poulsbo Middle School and North Kitsap High School.