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Spare time, today has been crazy.  I have gotten almost nothing done.  I have been obsessed with reading the entries to the Top 5 Contest, so yes.  It is 11 PM way past my bed time.  I just finished the first day’s entries.  I have read them all…amazing huh??

There are 257 entries on that page.  I will be on tomorrows entry page.  I wonder what the end number of entries will be.  Anyways, I have read all the entries on this page…wow.  We are some amazing writers out here.

My routes went extremely well today.  It was like my speech really did work. 

Something happened that I thought would never in my life happen.  We ran out of ketchup and there wasn’t a new jug in the cabinet.  Yes, I am a ketchup addict almost like I am on the computer.  I buy ketchup in 64 ounce containers and well….I usually keep plenty.  I had to use maple syrup and BBQ sauce on my french fries.

Here is the best photo from yesterday.  I know….I love sleeping Kyra pictures.  They are my favorites.

  We did a whole lot of drawing and coloring today.  Kyra is really getting good coordination with her hands and fingers.

 Here she is again, enjoying a mini Reese Peanut Butter Cup.

I went to my Rock Club Meeting tonight and well now the day is over.  I am going to bed now.