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I am probably not going to be driving school bus by the end of the year. Even if I am driving, I won’t be driving school bus unless a miracle happens and my paychecks about double over night. 

So what should I do…??  This site is a site about me, but I have worked hard on making the driver news section and over all the site very informative for school bus drivers.  I am ranked for most searches involving things with school busses.  Last month I had 2,000 visitors from search engines with terms involving school busses. 

Should I continue to keep up with that section or let it just slip away?  Should I talk to my other blogging driver friends and allow them to keep that section up.  Do you enjoy reading that section? 

What should the site name be…surely it shouldn’t be “The Life of a School Bus Driver” if I am not one.  LOL….

Oh the changes… you have opinions.  You know I love my readers opinions right??  LOL..