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For my college, I will be attending Shippensburg University. It starts January 14th.  I am all accepted and all that. 

I am going to be studying one of three majors.  I haven’t fully decided yet.

  1. Information Technology for Business Education – This is what my transfer credits put me closest too as far as degree, so will be the fewest classes.
  2. Accounting – I like accounting as a subject.  This program is one of the best offered by the school. I think I will struggle some with this program though because it is so heavy in math.
  3. Personal Financial Planning – This is probably what I will go for.  This is where my stomach is telling me to go because as crazy as it is bills are something I enjoy when I have money.  This program has some psychology and history in it, so seems more rounded to me as far as a program.

I think I have almost all my computer and technology classes taken already in my transfer credits. 

I also probably have all my English and grammar taken as well.  I know what you are thinking…  Jennifer and grammar, aaaahhhhh!  That is what I am thinking too.  Well, I took probably 6 college classes of grammar, so imagine how I started out if this is where I am now.   I have to admit, I just don’t get grammar.  I have no idea how the comma rules work and if I want to get it right, I have to read the rules for each and every sentence.  It doesn’t just come to me. 

I struggled with grammar, where as computer stuff and sciences just breeze through me.  I am good with logical things to so math and problem solving things come pretty easy to me.

I am going tomorrow though to officially talk about the courses and see what I do.  I will also officially get to talk to financial aide to see if I can afford to go full time.  We will see…