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I live in amish country, southern Pennsylvania.  I saw a horrific accident today, but it probably won’t even be reported anywhere but here.  

A GRADALL truck, I don’t even know what they do.  This is a huge truck though painted the same color as my school bus.  The driver is in like a little cage there is no other seat and it looks like the tiniest little thing to sit in.  Anyways, he passed this amish buggy with this monster vehicle.  The horse freaked and went jumping off the road, which usually wouldn’t be an issue.  This one though was like a 6 foot fall and down they went.

I stopped with my school bus, it was empty.  The horse and everyone were okay.  There were two amish ladies in the buggy.  The buggy was busted up pretty good though.

The truck though, didn’t stop or anything.  What a jerk..huh?

Here is the moral of the story though, do not pass amish buggies when there is a large drop off at the edge of the road.  That is very impolite and you don’t know what that horse is going to do.