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So, this weekend went so fast. My weekends are now my “Kyra” time which is pretty great. It is really new to only have this time for extended time with her. I mean yeah mornings and evenings are nice, but Saturday is all day long.

We baked a cake, painted, took a walk, took a nap, drawed, counted together, watched TV, cooked dinner, and all the little things between. It is fun.

I haven’t turned my computer on that much since I have been working. It isn’t because I am sick of it or don’t want to, but wow. Where does time go??

Stephen had a bachelors party to go to Saturday, so he was gone all day. It was just me and Kyra. I had a great day.

Sunday came and we slept in til after 8. It was great. I love sleeping in. We played blocks and watched probably 3 shows of Berenstein Bears. They are so very cute except I wish Sister and Brother Bear had names beyond Sister and Brother. That is so annoying to me. Kids are smarter than that too.

Well, have a good day.