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Wow, it is the 28th and I haven’t posted anything here since the 20th.  Yeah that is so unlike me.  I had a crazy Easter, I took Stephen up north to meet my family for that festive annual event.

We stayed at my brothers house and our girls played together.  That was the good part.  My brother and Stephen seemed to get along based on the fact that photo albums were being shown.  I think they were better though because they had already met Stephen at my house and have the whole divorce in prospective. 

Haley and Kyra are really great together and I really need to work on making sure that they stay that way.  Which is hard with the gas prices.  It cost $120 in gas alone for that trip.  There weren’t really other expenses though, so you know…  It used to be a $20 ride though in my car.

I think most of my family was in shock because last time some of them saw me I was with Adam.  They don’t have the whole divorce in prospective as far as time frame.  So they didn’t know how to react and the other 1/2 just didn’t care, which is fine too.  I don’t go to my family very often because it is like a high school party.  If you aren’t in the “in” group, you basically go unnoticed.  I am definitely not in the “in” group and that is rightly so. 

I probably won’t be going back for awhile.  I really do like staying close to home on holidays and always find someplace to go.  The hustle and bustle is sometimes unsettling going up there, so it probably puts me in an off mood for holidays.  Home is calm always. 

Kyra is doing great.  I absolutely just adore her, she is getting so she wants to do everything she sees either other people doing or on TV.  I always tell her either we’ll do that this summer or you do can that when you grow up.  She smiles and says OK.  We really have to make paper hats this week like Curious George does in his cartoon though.

As far as work goes, I have my state licensing test today.  Yeah, today.  I start working at my full-time position on Monday, so I won’t be running all over the place anymore at work.  I’ll be the only one in the office pretty much all the time.  I am still not sure if this is a good thing or bad thing.  I’ll have to decide later. 

The office I am working in has a cool new printer, copier, scanner, fax machine that is fun playing with.  LOL…  The computer that I will be calling mine needs some work, but that is on my list of things to improve.  I got a left handed mouse that will go in there but will just remain mine.

Hopefully I get a nice salary raise after today and passing this test.  I know it entitles me to commission based income which will be a pretty big deal when I get going.

Well, there is my update.  I am off to go study more about liability for my test.  I’ll be back to say I passed.  If I do pass though, I got plans to go out tonight with a bunch of friends.  If I fail, I come home and slumber.  LOL….