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Well, yesterday after I got home from that driving. Everything just started moving. It is like a spinning action. You should see my desk because it resembles it.

I worked for my TeamDoubleClick clients for about 2 hours. This including the two new ones and my one I answer the phone for. He didn’t have me answering his phone though. I don’t really know the reason. I think it is because he has the phone being mailed to me, but I not sure.

I am working on creating a web page for another client. It is going pretty good I think. I will ask her if I can post a link here when I am done with it, so you all can see it.

Kyra has been sick. I don’t know what she has, but she doesn’t act all that sick. She has been throwing up though, which is so gross. So, as I we were leaving to go for the afternoon route, she threw up all over me and I changed her shirt and mine in about 3 minutes and than attempted to leave again. We made it to the school with 4 minutes to spare. I usually am there with about 15 minute to spare. I get to gab with some of the other drivers. LOL… They make me feel like the kids that I drive are the best behaved in the world. We talk about other stuff too though, it is cool to have people that related to that one bad kid though.

Here is a picture of Kyra to close. This is her at 1:47 pm…

I am going to post again in a minute. This next picture deserves a second post…