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This latest comment on the Slumber Party post from a Debra.  I am going crazy trying to think of a Debra in my life.  The e-mail  with the comment is just a hotmail one, sort of like a person hiding.  They do use it though because it is the same one they leave each of these Debra comments with.  The comments are always all caps and always sort of mean sounding.

Wow!  Though does this Debra not like me or something.  LOL…. 

The comments remind me of my mom, so I do wonder if this is my mom’s way of leaving comments.  Her name is Lynn though?  She asked me about pictures online and if I was scared with them on here.  Well, that is obvious isn’t it??  I am not scared.  I do think about being so public sometimes, but I don’t want to live secretly from anyone.  It is easy for me to be very public as I really don’t have anything to hide.  I am proud of my life and my site here.

If you can tell me who DEBRA is better, let me know.  I am really interested.