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Today was fine.  It was a normal lovely day.  My routes went very smoothly and even the kid that is my most misbehaving was very well behaved…surprise.

There was though a kindergartener’s parent not out.  This is the 3rd time so far…which to me is unacceptable.  Is it really that hard to do whatever you are doing on your front porch starting at 3:45??  All that I need is a wave, so not rocket science.  I came approximately the same time each day.  I also don’t care who it is so long as someone is there. 

I have been being more accommodating than ever as a bus driver.  I shouldn’t have to beep my horn or do anything in order for the parents to be there, they should just be there.  It is their kid and their responsibility.  I think I beep my horn 4 days a week at this particular house and most times more than one time.  I sigh and curse them to myself at the same time.  I am not big on cursing either, so this is just so crazy.

This all means it takes an extra hour of my time which is “free”.  The parents should surely be charged for my time, so I would get paid for this extra work that they directly give me.

I called Stan and had him meet out by the road, because I knew I wouldn’t be home in time for his supper.  I didn’t have any good leftovers in the fridge he could warm up.  He then road with me back to the school with this one student.  We went to dinner out with the bus.  I didn’t get home until after 6.

Tom came out shortly after we got back and I wasn’t all that accommodating as I should have been.  I weeded the garden and fed the horses.  I am really working hard on getting that all done.  I have 4 more rows to remove.  I pretty much asked him to leave then and went visiting Russ who was also here.  I feel like I cut Tom short, but in fairness, I asked Russ to leave as well. 

I finally took the shower I had been yearning.  That hot bus followed by weeding leaves me about as unpleasant feeling as I can be.  I don’t think there was any part of my body that wasn’t sweaty, blah.  I hate getting in the shower that late too because my hair is so thick it won’t be dry by morning and it is annoying to sleep with a wet head.

 The whole day Kyra was ultra good.  Is she for real??  She always just goes along and seems happy.  We are learning to sing the ABC’s, so I was doing that a lot.  She points out every animal along the bus routes, so every few minutes she points and says either Cow, Horse, Moo or Neigh with the occasional Kitty and Dog thrown in. 

20070926_00509aShe found this pajama suit thing today with feet and amazingly it fit her, so she just had to wear it. I remember when she was littler she was too tall for anything with feet, so I was a bit surprised that she could fit in this and look normal.

Anyways, that was my day.  I am going to bed early because I stayed up late last night working on getting my site back to normal and I am extra tired. 

Adam is broke down somewhere out there, so I don’t know what is going on with Kyra tomorrow, we will see.  He was going to be taking her instead of taking her on Sunday.  If he don’t get back though who knows.

Well, good night.