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20070911_00208pHere is what I decided for the M&M giveaway. Your chance to enter starts now..til next week. That is Thursday 10 pm US Eastern Time, your chance ends.

Here is what you need to do….

How did you get to school?? What is your best memory of that, was your driver mean??

  • if you are a blogger write a post on your site about getting to school. It can be fiction or non-fiction. If you were homeschooled maybe write about not riding the bus and your feelings about that. If you walked to school write about that… Basically any post referring to getting to school will be accepted.
  • if you are not a blogger write a story anyways, but instead of posting it, e-mail it to me my first name at is where I will get it. I will post it here on my site.

Leave a comment here in the comments, so I know you are entering and as your official entry.

I will select the winner randomly with your comment number and the random number selector, so double comments and non-entering comments will be deleted.

There are no link requirements or anything like that…it is just M&M’s. Yes, yummy… yummy M&M’s, 3 lbs of them. You may link though of course if you want…do almost anything you want. Super simple…

The winner will be told next Friday evening. I will e-mail for shipping information and the M&M’s will go out with Saturday or Monday mail depending on how quick you are. I will even ship internationally (flat rate envelope), so most all can enter.