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My face is better, so that is good news.  I had an eye appointment the week before I had my teeth out and got new prescription and put my contacts in backwards, so thought my teeth were causing a headache for the month, but it was really my contacts.  Wow!  Do I feel better now.

My Kyra is doing so good.  I don’t think she could be doing better.  She makes everyone she sees smile.  She says so many funny things that it is like every other thing out of her mouth makes you smile.

She is riding her tricycle now that is her newest thing.  She likes playing teeball and soccer in the yard too.  She always wants to be outside.

My job is going good.  I like my job, so that helps.  I am busy as heck with the other agents work, which I really want to be busy with my own work.  I have been putting flyers up that have my information on them.  I got my business cards today, but am pretty disappointed with them.  They have the other office numbers on them besides mine which I don’t like.  I probably won’t give out many of them.  I am having him order new ones.

I have off tomorrow to go to the doctors.

I have hundreds of photos since I have posted previously.  I still have a full card on my camera as well.  I’ll put some of those up here soon too.  Stephen got all his hair cut off, so I have the before and after of that as well.