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Well, that is the most painful experience ever.  They gassed me last week, took all 4 of my teeth out.  The top two were partially impacted and had cysts forming around the tooth root.  The bottom ones one was just a tooth extraction as it came out fine.  The other one was totally impacted.

I never in a million years thought it would be that painful.  It was done on Tuesday, I think Thursday was the worst day ever.  I went to work…I went to work Wednesday too.  I went to work though and was taking the Motrin every 8 hours like they told me.  I was taking Vicadon every 4 hours.  I sold 2 insurance policies that day though amazingly.  I wonder now how good of service I really gave.  LOL…  Was it legal for me to sign those policies??

It like burst that night and instantly felt less painful.  That was when the fever set in.  I had a fever from Thursday night to Monday.  I think I slept most of the day Saturday, I know I hit Stephen’s bed and didn’t get out for at least 5 hours.  Kyra was in and out though from laying with me. Stephen was too. 

Now, I can finally eat and my face isn’t swollen anymore.  I feel great and am sure glad I won’t be getting more wisdom teeth.  AAAAAaaaaaahhhhh!  Those are terrible things.